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vMOD Solution
  • A high volume - low monthly cost product that any small or large hotel can use
  • Can be offered independently or as part of vOPs
  • vOPS may include
    • vInspect for room inspection by individual inspectors
    • vRepair by Engineering
    • vMOD for the GM or Asst GM as they walk around the property
    • vIncident form that is ONLY filled when there is something going wrong - but that has to be reported in real time
  • vMOD is targeted for the Manager On Duty (MOD) to Inspect / Report the entire property during each shift
  • MOD can keep noting down the issues as they notice them during their shift
  • MOD may upload the results anytime during the shift to inform staff in real time
  • MOD may include a real time incident reporting function for events that need immediate attention of Security / IT or Engineering staff
  • Each location may have a ‘custom’ form depending on their geographical or structural properties

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