High-Touch Support For High-Tech Products

Of all the results we deliver, none is more important than excellent service and common courtesy.

That’s why we have carefully structured a comprehensive customer care package to serve hoteliers and their guests 24/7.

Our two-tier system is unique in the hotel industry. It starts with remote monitoring of all our services being provided at your hotel site – which means we can literally alert you about a potential problem before you know there may be a problem.

Our unmatched customer service continues with convenient call-in centers that are staffed by trained representatives who know our products and who are our employees. No sub-contractors. No temporary workers.

Of course, we can’t control what problems will come up or when – either for hotel staff or for hotel guests – but we do control our monitoring equipment and our support personnel. The result: every service situation can be resolved promptly, efficiently, and professionally.

It’s a proven standard for performance that minimizes hassle and maximizes satisfaction – that provides answers, not excuses.

Isn’t that the kind of accountability and peace of mind you’re looking for?

Inspections and checking for compliance with standards is an ongoing job at every hotel, every day. Now mAPPs help you conduct many routine activities in real time, with no paperwork.