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SmartRoom Solution


  • For executives who conduct business while on the road.
  • For executives who like to work from the comfort and privacy of their suite rather than in a hotel business center.
  • SmartRoom offers all amenities available in an office environment and Concierge facilities.
  • Business man’s time saver, convenient - hassle free

Key Features

  1. High-speed Internet access (provided by the hotel)
  2. Printing from Laptop & mobile devices
  3. Faxing from laptop
  4. vConcierge Services (BoardEZ, FlightMate, ordering, reservations..)
  5. Guest data Security and privacy
  6. 24/7/365 customer support

Printing from Laptop

  • Secure printing – guest receives a pass code
  • Billing
    • Per page (Color, B&W)
    • Free - (limited or unlimited)
    • Paid - C/C or charge-to-room
  • Delivery options
    • Pick up by guest
    • Deliver to room

Fax Service

  • Send fax from the laptop
  • Receive Fax
    • Online
    • Pick up by guest
    • Delivered to room
  • Billing -
    • Per page
    • Paid - C/C or charge-to-room

vConcierge services

  • Current
    • BoardEZ
    • FlightMate
    • Local and hotel information
  • New
    • Ordering (Meals, services, flowers..)
    • Reservations (dining, SPA, events, transportation, tour, Rent a car, Broadway shows, movies, Airport pick and drop off ... Etc)

SmartRoom for Smart Hotel Management

  • Market your hotel with this unique service
  • Improve your GOP / bottom line
    • Increase your "other income" line item
    • Less Labor cost
    • Higher charges / revenue for this NEW in room Facility
  • Impress your segment corporate guests:
    • Be the pioneer of the "SMARTROOM" Solution
    • Loyalty and repeat guest; guaranteed.
    • A key Exceptional feature for your hotel to attract corporate travelers and international business executives.

SmartRoom Solution


Your personal "Business Center" & "Concierge"

In the comfort of your Hotel Room