Data Security

We Protect Data – Yours & Your Guests’

One of the biggest challenges for today’s hoteliers is ensuring that data – whether that data belongs to the hotel or to its guests – is kept safe from corruption and from uncontrolled access.

We emphatically agree: comprehensive state-of-the-art data privacy and protection is not an optional IT amenity – it’s something you and your guests have a right to expect. It’s also something your IT providers have a responsibility to provide.

We have no higher priority!

We achieve an incomparable level of data and transaction security through a careful combination of the latest software and hardware techniques.

For example, our revolutionary software and system architecture for business centers features FreshStart™ -- a proprietary technology that keeps multiple-user computer systems reliable and virus-free.

When a user logs out of a computer equipped with FreshStart, the entire system is rebuilt with a new Windows operating system, factory settings, and applications – all existing files, personal data, and usage history are permanently erased, as are any viruses, worms, sniffers, and non-standard programs.

For each user, this ensures absolute information security and privacy. For hotel owners, it improves equipment reliability, minimizes malfunctions, and reduces both the expenses and the inconvenience associated with service calls.

Similarly, we have extensive safeguards on behalf of cloud-based data storage services, such as those associated with our mAPPs products.

In addition, owners and guests can be confident knowing that credit card information is never stored by us. We process payments through Authorized.Net, a highly-secure network that is fully compliant with the payment card industry (PCI) security standards.

Ultimately, security is based on trust – and we know that trust is hard gained, easily lost, and never fully regained. We focus on security procedures and protocols so you – and your guests – can trust our products, our people, and our promises.

Inspections and checking for compliance with standards is an ongoing job at every hotel, every day. Now mAPPs help you conduct many routine activities in real time, with no paperwork.