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CHA OneTouch

Virtual Mobile Terminal

  • Instant access to any app/file on your desktop/server from any mobile device
  • No custom software development required
  • Download the OneTouch app from iTunes
  • Works in Local (LAN) or Remote (WAN) environment
  • Information remains secure on desktop/server
  • Access/edit/save files remotely on your desktop/server from any mobile device
    • Works on any app, file type or O/S
    • Access to all peripherals in the network (Printers, Card Readers, Camera…)
  • Download OneTouch app from your iTune account

OneTouch allows you to remotely access your applications from your smartphone or tablet.

Simply open the OneTouch Folder on your Desktop, then drag and drop the apps/files you need to access later.

All the apps you saved in your Desktop OneTouch folder are now accessible on your mobile device.

Your mobile device now acts as a virtual remote to use your desktop/server applications.

Business Use

  • Imagine you are a hotel manager. There is a long line at check-in of convention attendees. You only have 3 stations. Currently you can only process 3 guests at a time.
  • With OneTouch, you can instantly add additional stations & process as many guests as you wish.
  • All you need is extra staff with Tablets.

Consumer Case

  • You need to instantly edit an excel (or PPT, or Word) file while you’re away from your computer.
  • With OneTouch, your files are just one touch away.


  • No longer limited to the number of terminals to service (long lines of) guests.
  • Use mobile devices (as many as needed) to process guest needs.
  • Access/update files remotely. No need to be on the desktop.
  • Zero development cost (No PMS I/F required)

CHA OneTouch
Virtual Mobile Terminal

Turn any mobile device into your Desktop Terminal