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Mobile Application Solutions

mAPPs Make Hard Tasks Easier

Many mobile applications (mAPPs) are available for guests to enhance their hotel experience, from making reservations to ordering room service. Now innovative mAPPs technology can also help hotel owners and managers to increase staff efficiency, to heighten guest satisfaction, and to improve the bottom line.

Most hotel operations are repetitive, time-consuming, and paper-intensive – but they must be done every day:

• Housekeeping inspections
• Property maintenance and repairs
• Guest room inventory management

With our mAPPs installed on a smart phone, tablet, or mobile device, hotel staff can manage work flow smarter and faster. Why? They communicate and coordinate in real time using a system that is secure and password protected. Benefits include:

• Reduced labor costs and improved productivity – employees spend less time recoding data and more time “doing”

• Enhanced decision-making – information is processed without delay, transcription errors, or cumbersome paperwork

• Customized cloud-based reports for the specific needs of your property

• Dependable customer service with 24/7 phone support and remote monitoring, ongoing maintenance, and timely software upgrades

• No upfront investment for hardware or for software development

What routine hotel operations can we automate for you?

v-MOD a complete suite of staff efficiency applications that for the manager on duty who is always on the run and the remote owner who needs to stay in touch.

v-Repair provides hotel engineering staff with real-time engineering ticket application. Eliminate lag time between the generation of maintenance report and the staff repairing the problem.

v-Inspect transforms the room inspection process. No longer will inspectors need to fill out paper reports. Once scored, the inspection data is automatically saved onto a custom, cloud-based reporting portal.

v-Departure allows for a quick room check and real time reporting back to any number of locations (housekeeping, front desk, etc). Allocate resources and manage inbound guest expectations smartly.

v-Incident™ automates the process of filling out incident reports, with audio, video, and photo capture.

v-Prop™ allows a property to ensure they are meeting standards and provides ownership a powerful tool to thoroughly examine and manage assets at a property level.

Inspections and checking for compliance with standards is an ongoing job at every hotel, every day. Now mAPPs help you conduct many routine activities in real time, with no paperwork.