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Custom Solutions

Unique solutions for your unique needs

No two businesses are the same. So why settle for a compromise solution to a problem you may not have?
You want to provide services that exceed your guests’ expectations and differentiate you from your competition.

You want solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. That’s why we offer one-of-a-kind applications developed specifically for your business needs and your brand standards. Using our proprietary Rapid Application Development process, we can develop, test, polish, and deliver:

• Mobile or tablet-based solutions
• Web-based applications
• RFID-based asset management
• IPTV-based, in-room entertainment
• Interactive touch screen systems

Whether it’s enhancing the guest experience or improving workflow, we can develop the products that work for you and for your guests. Here are some examples of the custom solutions we can offer:

Mobile Application Development

Whether it's automating manual processes or enhancing your workflow. We can implement your idea into a sleek, easy-to-use mobile application that works on any platform (IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile).

Happy Hour

Table-top, touch-screen terminal for self-serve ordering of food, beverages. Allows tables to be served and "turned" faster. Guests can pay with their credit cards at the table, and access internet, social sites while waiting.


Avoid the frustration of long waiting lines. Hotel staff can greatly improve workflow efficiency, and proactively check-in and check-out guests in line, and even take their payment on the touch-screen tablet.

Inspections and checking for compliance with standards is an ongoing job at every hotel, every day. Now mAPPs help you conduct many routine activities in real time, with no paperwork.